Saturday, February 13, 2010

What is Charismatic Leadership?

• Is a Greek word which is the quality of a leader that makes many people want to follow?
• “Divinely inspired gift”.
• Extra ability to attract someone
• Example: Said Jamaludin Afghan

Types of Charismatic Leaders:
• Socialized Charisma
– Power for social good or use power in order to see others benefits
• Personalized charisma
– Power for personal benefit
• Office holder Charisma
– This type of charismatic leadership is more a property of the office occupied than of his or her personal characteristics.

Characteristics of Charismatic Leader:
• Visionary: Where the organization is and what it wants to become?
• Masterful Communication Skill: To inspire people, charismatic leader uses colorful language and communication.
• Ability to Inspire Trust: People believe so strongly in the integrity of charismatic leaders that they will risk their carriers for achieving organizational goal .
• Energetic and Action Oriented: Like entrepreneurs, they are trying to get things done on time
• Opinion Expressiveness: Ability to express feelings openly.
• Self Promoting Personality: They allow others to know how important they are.
• Minimum internal Conflict: They convinced that they are right in their decisions.

Transformational Leadership:
• Transformational Leader can be a wonderful and great experience. They put passion (excitement) and energy into everything. They care about you and want you to succeed.
• Transformational Leadership starts with the development of a vision