Saturday, February 27, 2010


 Orientation may be done by the supervisor, the HRM staff or some combination.
 Formal or informal, depending on the size of the organization.
 Covers such things as:
 The organization’s objectives
 History
 Philosophy
 Procedures
 Rules
 HRM policies and benefits
 Fellow employees

The purpose of new employee orientation:
 Learning the Organization’s Culture
 Culture includes long-standing, often unwritten rules about what is appropriate behavior.
 Examples: open or closed culture, absenteeism
 Socialized employees know how things are done, what matters, and which behaviors and perspectives are acceptable.

The CEO’s Role in Orientation:
 Senior management is often visible during the new employee orientation process.
 CEOs can:
 Welcome employees.
 Provide a vision for the company.
 Introduce company culture -- what matters.
 Convey that the company cares about employees.
 Reduce some new employee anxieties and help them to feel good about their job choice.

HRM’s Role in Orientation:
 Coordinating Role: HRM instructs new employees when and where to report; provides information about benefits choices.
 Participant Role: HRM offers its assistance for future employee needs (career guidance, training, etc.).


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