Saturday, February 13, 2010

Satisfaction/Dissatisfaction Being a Leader

Following are seven sources of satisfaction that leaders often experience:
• A feeling of power and prestige: Being a leader automatically grants you power
• A chance to help others: A leader works with people, often teaching them job skills and listening to their personal problems
• High Income: Leaders, in general, receive higher pay than team members
• Respect and Status: A leader frequently receive respect from group members
• Good Opportunity for Advancement: once you become a leader, your advancement opportunity increase
• An Opportunity to control money and other Resources: A leader is always in the position of helping to prepare a department budget and authorize expenses

Dissatisfaction Being a Leader
• Too Much Uncompensated Overtime: people in leadership jobs are usually expected to work longer hours than other employees.
• Too Many ‘Headaches’: Many people find that a leadership position is a source of stress.
• Not Enough Authority to Carry out Responsibilities: As a leader you might be expected to work with an ill-performing team member, yet you lack the power to fire him or her.
• Loneliness: In leadership its uncomfortable to tell negative feelings about your employer to a team member or its also uncomfortable to complain about one group member to another.
• Too Much Organizational Politics: people at all levels of the organization, from office assistant to the chairperson must be aware of political factors.