Thursday, February 25, 2010

Job Analysis

 Job analysis is a systematic way of finding activities within a job
 A simple job can contain multiple tasks and activities to be performed by the job holder
 Similar activities are placed in one group
 Also the necessary knowledge and skills are identified required for the job
 A title is given to each group of activities called the “position”
 A suitable compensation package is designed for each job position*
 The purpose of job analysis is to find out and make job description, job specifications and job evaluation

Outcomes of Job Analysis:
- Job Description
- Job Specification
- Job Evaluation

Job Description:
 A job description is a written statement of what the job holder is expected to do, how it is done, under what condition and why
 It includes the job title, duties to be performed, and the authority and responsibilities of the jobholder
 Also called “ToR” in Afghanistan

Job Specification:
 Job specification refers to the minimum qualification a candidate must possess to perform the job successfully
 May include information on education, skills, experience, abilities, and some personal characteristics (as in Army)
 It is also in written form

Purposes of Job Specification:
 A job specification serves two purposes:
 Encourages potential candidates to apply
 Also discourages non-qualifying candidates

Job Evaluation:
 Job evaluation specifies the relative value of each job in the organization
 Provides basis for comparison for having an equitable compensation program i.e. jobs requiring similar level of skills, knowledge, and abilities should be equally paid
 The information is for the internal use of HR Deptt. only

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