Friday, February 12, 2010

Steps in effective decision making process

There are four effective managerial processes:

- Define goal/problem
- Generating alternatives
- Evaluating and choosing alternatives
- Implementing and monitoring.

Define problem:The first step in decision making is identifying the problem, comparing present state with expected state.

Generating alternatives:The second step in decision making is developing alternative solutions.
Developing of alternatives can often be helped by brainstorming, a technique for enhancing creativity that encourages group members to generate as many ideas as possible on a given topic.

Evaluating and choosing alternative:This step involves carefully considering the advantages and disadvantages of each alternative before choosing one.
Each should be evaluated systematically according to following criteria.
Feasibility refers to the extent which alternative is good in time, budget and technology.

Implementing and monitoring:It is the last step in the effective decision making process.

Importance of this step:
A good decision can be made in terms of the first three steps and the process can still fail because of difficulties at the final step.

The more important the problem is, the greater the need for follow-up.

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