Saturday, February 13, 2010

Leadership Style

Relatively consistent pattern of behavior that characterize a leader
 Leaders need to choose a leadership style that best fits the needs of subordinates and the task they are doing.
Example: Choosing of style is closely related to the situation and environment

Types of Leadership Style:
 Autocratic Leadership Style
Autocratic leaders retain most of the authority for themselves, limits employees participation.
 Usually they are not concerned with the group members
 Making decisions only at the top management (Centralized System)
 Democratic Leadership Style
A leader who involves employee in decision making, delegates authority, encourage participation (Decentralize System)

Behavioral Approaches of a Leader:
In mid 1940 and 1950, research was conducted at the Ohio State University Michigan University on effective leadership practices.

The Ohio State University Studies:
• After world war II, a major research program
• Was conducted at Ohio state university.
• Two key Leadership Dimensions:
• Initiating Structure
• Consideration

Initiating Structure:
• Degree which the leader organizes and defines relationship in the group by activities such as: assigning specific task, specifying procedures to be followed, and scheduling work of team members.

• Five self-assessment items are necessary:
• Try to express your own new ideas in the group
• Encourage the slow working people in the group to work hard
• Emphasize on meeting deadlines
• Meet with group on regular schedule
• See it that people in the group are working

• Degree which the leader creates an environment of emotional support, friendliness, and trust.
• Following items measuring the consideration factor:
• Do personal favors for people in work group
• Treat all people in the group equally
• Be willing to make changes
• See what people under you do

The University of Michigan Studies:
• During the time of Ohio studies, researchers
• Were also busy at the university of Michigan
• Studying leadership effectiveness.
• Two Key Leadership Approaches:
• Production- Centered Leader
• Employee-Centered Leader

Production-Centered Leader:
• Set tight work standards, organize task carefully, and close supervise the work of the group members.
• Employee-Centered Leader
• Encouraged subordinate participation in goal setting and decision.

Task-Related Attitudes and Behaviors:
• Following are some common task related task:
• Adaptability to situation: Effective leaders adapt to the situation
• Directing Setting: A leader must set direction of change.
• Example: Setting direction for strategy, vision, and planning.
• High Performance Standards: Effective leaders consistently hold group members to high standards of performance.


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