Friday, February 12, 2010

Organization & Organizing

Organization: It is a group of people trying to achieve something.
Organizing: Deciding how best to group organizational activities and resources.

Strategy defines what to do?
Organizing defines how to do?

Key Concepts
Responsibility: Obligation to carryout duties and achieve goals related to positions.

Example: Employee is responsible to do the assign work done.

Authority: Right to make decisions, carryout actions.
Example: Carry decision is not only enough but carryout action is necessary.
The acceptance theory of authority argues that a manager has authority only if subordinates choose to accept his or her commands.

Accountability: Requirement to provide satisfied reason for significant differences from duties and expected resulted.
Accountability is the mechanism through which authority and responsibility are brought into alignment.
Example: Manager Finance must be accountable that why this year revenue is not raised?

Delegation: Assignment or part of a managers work to others.

Delegate the Whole Task: a manager should delegate an entire task to person rather than dividing it among several people. This gives the individual complete responsibility and increase his or her initiative (the ability to make decisions and take action without waiting for someone to tell you what to do).
Example: its my job to deliver the course but part of work I assign to others.

Autonomy: Amount of discretion allowed someone for achieving required output.
Example: How autonomous I am that I should decide

Feedback: Degree to which the job provides clear and timely information about performance result.
Example: How the activities are running, university wants feedback from you.

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