Monday, March 1, 2010

What Motivates People?

 People can be motivated by providing them rewards
 Extrinsic Rewards: include benefits, praise and recognition, status symbols and money (Salary, wages, bonuses, company-paid insurance, medical facilities)
 Intrinsic Rewards: include a feeling of achievement, accomplishment and self-actualization

Motivating People at Work:
 Provide financial benefits like basic salary, incentives, bonuses and raise in salary
 Allow them the autonomy to be productive
 Reward with educational opportunities
 Reward with recognition
 Express interest in what they are doing
 Provide flexible work, leave, and pay schedules
 Provide child and elder care benefits
 Provide challenging projects

Challenges of Motivating Employees:
 Changing workforce
 younger generation employees have different needs and expectations to senior workers
 people have more diverse values – results in more variety in what motivates employees
 Cultural values
 globalization has added to diversity

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