Thursday, March 25, 2010


 Leading is an important function of manager however, manager must also plan, organize
 Leadership deals with interpersonal aspects of a manager’s job, whereas planning, organizing, and controlling deal with the administrative aspects.
 According to latest concept :
Leadership deals with change, inspiration, motivation and influence and
Management deals with maintenance of status quo

1- Leadership:
- Creating an agenda: Establishes directions
- Developing network: Involves aligning people, gives direction for team making that understands vision and strategy and accepts its validity
- Execution: Motivates and inspires, satisfies basic human needs, energizes people for better outcome.
- Outcomes: Produces dramatic change, has potential to produce useful change,
2- Management:
- Creating an agenda: Plans and budgets, establishes steps and timetables for achieving needed results.
- Developing network: organizes and staffs, makes structures to achieve plans, delegates authority/responsibility, develops policies and procedures to guide people.
- Execution: Controls and solves problems, monitors results against plans, organizes to close the gap.
- Outcomes: Produces predictability, produces key results expected by stakeholders (meeting deadlines, paying dividends)

 Is more formal / scientific
 Relies on universal skill i.e
(Planning / Budgeting / Controlling )
 Is an explicit set of tools
 Involves a vision of what an organization can become
 Leadership requires cooperation / teamwork and
 Keeping key people motivated

Leader gives a vision – manager implements a vision.

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