Saturday, January 23, 2010


Is a factual piece of writing based on a research you conduct.

Two kinds of Reports:
Short and Long

Short Report:
Are often presented in memorandum form. A short report is concise, accurate and all the inferences depend on supporting evidence to help readers make an informed decision.

Parts of a Report:
 Introduction
 Body
 Terminal Section

Aim or purpose, authorization, sources, scope, definition, background, limits, brief mention of results, list of topics to be discussed

Body (Text):
 Present all relevant facts accurately and impartially. Do not let your personal feelings and prejudices affect the facts.
 Emphasizing important ideas by capitalization, underscoring, boldface, italics, more space and repetitions.
 Include Visual Aids such as graphs, tables, pictures whenever they will help clarify information for your readers or listeners
 Use headings to guide the reader through the report,
 Numeral Letter Combination (II,A, 1, a, (1))
 Decimal System (1.0, 1.1, 1.2,1.21,1.22)
 Letter Numeral Combination (A,1,a,(1),(a))
 Use Topic Sentences for most paragraphs
 Apply the seven C’s writing principles and make your writing easy to read

Terminal Section:
 Summary: A summary condenses the Text
 Conclusion: Evaluates and Infers from the Text
 Recommendation: Offers Specific Courses of Action

Three Kinds of Reports:
Recommendation Justification

Informational Report:
 These reports are basically used to inform the reader about some event or progress in some project or activity

Kinds of Informational Report:
 Conference Report
 Progress Report
 Periodic Report

Conference Reports:
 Are used to talk about the meetings and sessions being held

Progress Reports:
 Are used to show progress, accomplishments, or activity over time or at a given stage of a major assignment

 Introduction will be similar as mentioned before
 Body
 Descriptions of accomplishments during the reporting period
 Unanticipated problems (If any)
 Plans for the next reporting period
 Summary (Overall appraisal of progress to date)
 Terminal Sections will be similar as mentioned before

Periodic Reports:
 Are written in a company’s fiscal year, others may be written weekly, monthly, quarterly or annually.

Analytical Reports:
 Are basically written to analyze a situation or issue
Note: In the Introductory section of the report determine whether you are to recommend a solution or simply analyze a series of alternatives

Recommendation-Justification Report:
• are basically used for persuasion purpose
– Introduction
– Body
• Current state of the problem
• Effects and causes of the problem
• Possible options to remove the problem
• Criteria in evaluating a solution
• Recommended solution
– Terminal Section
• Conclusion
• Recommendation


  1. Hi and you have a good blog, you have told us about short report but you haven't told us about long reports,,, I wish you or some other readers who see my comments, explain long report to me...

  2. Detailed report by an external auditor about the examination of a client's financial statements. It may add to, replace, or include the short - form report. The long-form report may contain the audit scope, auditor opinions regarding the financial position and operating performance of the client, percentage change in accounts, evaluation of financial status, and recommendations for client improvement in its accounting system.

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