Saturday, January 23, 2010

Job Interview

Job Interview: is a conversation between an employer and a potential employee for a position vacant in an organization.

Types of Interviews:
1. Chronological Interviews (Structured Interviews)
2. Unstructured Interviews (Informal chat, Interest, Career)
3. Technical Interviews
4. Portfolio based Interview
5. Case Study Interview

Manners in which Interviews are taken:
1. Individual interviews
2. Panel Interviews
3. Telephone Interviews
4. Group Interviews
5. Sequential Interviews

Two parties are involved in a Job Interview:
1. Interviewer
2. Interviewee

Manners of an Interview:
1. Introductory Period
2. Middle Assessment
Company Information, Candidate Assessment
3. Concluding Period

Interview Preparation:
1. Know Yourself
2. Know your resume
3. Know the Company
4. Know the Position
5. Know some questions and answers
6. Know that your Nonverbal appearance communicates loudly
7. Know that your oral delivery also communicates
(Pitch, rate, Volume)
8. Know about the meeting place, time and other details
9. Know some basic salary ranges
10. Know that you must rehearse

Activity During the Interview:
1. Show Enthusiasm, Interest
2. Be honest
3. Listen Attentively
4. Keep Answers Brief
5. Show interest in the company
6. Show analytical skills

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