Friday, January 15, 2010

Levels of Management

There are three Managerial Levels which are described as follows :
Top level management: Ultimately responsible for the entire organization. Work with managers in implementing the planning, and control over organization
Like: President, CEO (Chief Executive Officer), VP (Vice President), CFO (Chief Financial officer), COO (Chief Operating Officer), CTO (Chief Technical Officer), MD (Managing Director
Top level managers have the responsibilities of making long-term plans, establishing policies, representing the company and also some other activities
Middle level Management: Directly responsible for their own activities and for the work of lower level managers
Like: Sr. PM (Senior Programmer), PM (Program Manager), Marketing Manager, Sales Manager
Middle level managers have the responsibilities of implementing goals, making decisions, directing first-line managers
Lower/First level management: Operate at the lowest hierarchical level and they are responsible for day-to-day operations
Like: Office manager, Supervisor, Foreman, Department head
Lower level managers have the responsibilities of implementing plans, overseeing workers, assisting middle managers

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