Saturday, April 3, 2010

Project Meetings

 Project review meetings are necessary to show that progress is being made on a project. There are three types of review meetings:
 Project team review meetings
 Executive management review meetings
 Customer project review meetings

Guidelines for Effective Meetings:
 The following are general guidelines for conducting more effective meetings:
 Start on time. If you wait for people, you reward tardy behavior.
 Develop agenda “objectives.” Generate a list and proceed. Avoid getting hung up on the order of topics.
 Conduct one piece of business at a time.
 Allow each member to contribute in his own way. Support, challenge, and counter. View differences as helpful. Dig for reasons or views.
 Silence does not always mean agreement. Seek opinions: “What is your opinion on this, Nasrat?”
 Test for readiness to make a decision.
 Make the decision.
 Assign roles and responsibilities (only after decision-making)
 Agree on follow-up or accountability dates
 Indicate the next step for this group
 Set the time and place for next meeting
 End on time
 Ask yourself if the meeting was necessary

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