Monday, September 19, 2011

Strengths or Weaknesses

Yesterday (September 19, 2011) was a great experience for me. Thanks to my friend who took me to his leadership institute. It was my first day as a guest to visit the class and also get familiar with the students and teaching method. I can say it was as I expected because I had heard about it a lot but hadn’t got the change to go and visit it once. After arriving there and meeting the participants of this one-year course, the class began and I was kind of enjoying it.

This day’s discussion was on Strengths and Weaknesses. The slides were printed out based on this topic. The first question was “Is it better to focus on our strengths or weaknesses?” The answers were different. Some said the focus should be on our weaknesses. Some said the focus should be on both. I also believed that we should focus on both our weaknesses and strengths. But, on the contrary, the logic was to focus on our strengths rather than weaknesses because if we don’t focus on our strengths and work on our weaknesses, our strengths will stay on “Good” and it won’t become “Great”. I agreed. I have also faced the same theory in my life. By focusing on some of my weaknesses, I haven’t been able to do more on my strengths and make them “Great”.

I have decided to start this one-year course of leadership in the coming year. It has many positive aspects and it has also encouraged me write the posts on my own words for my blog. I hope I have been able to convey the message in a good manner and the reads get something out of it.

What is your answer to the question “Is it better to focus on our strengths or weaknesses?”

Looking forward to receiving your comments and suggestions.


  1. I have done BBA but i haven't noticed this point. thanks for giving the information. i will try to find this institute and take admission. Best of luck.

  2. Thanks for your comment, Sahar. Go ahead and best of luck with your studies.